VADIM FISHKIN | The time when we wanted to be astronauts

31 mar – 19 Jun 2016


Loom Gallery, in collaboration with Galerija Gregor Podnar, is delighted to present Vadim Fishkin’s first solo show at its Milan gallery “The time when we wanted to be astronauts”. There are artists who build beauty trough their works, artists who suggest questions, who analyse social dynamics, or reflect on history and culture; some of them are able to move our passions or knowledge, some others leave us indifferent. But then there is Vadim Fishkin. Born in ex USSR in 1965, living in Lubiana since the 90’s, Vadim belongs to the post-conceptual generation which links artistic production to technology, using science as a tool for dragging ideas into reality. His focus is on the discovery process in relation with the audience. More precisely, the surprise of the viewer is the soul of his works. Vadim Fishkin’s mind is turned to him: the abstract witness – as the concrete one – can close his eyes and see exactly the show he’s looking for. He’ll find himself mirrored in the sky, a star moving above him, and a little lower those UFO everybody talks about, drawn in everyday’s life. Common objects twist into poetry, whispering to our imagination through shadow games that compose a dream: a jar becomes a palm moved by a Christmas wind, a lamp with no power enlightens the day, a flame creates a different kind of power. It’s not magic, is art. And you, the viewer, you find yourself open mouth wide, and when you open your eyes you turn back when you was 10 and you were dreaming of becoming an astronaut