Galleria collicaligreggi
Via Indaco n.23
95129, Catania, Italia


Heinrich Dunst and Christoph Meier have in common the same vision of art and the same way of conceiving and operating within a creative space. They both use a language which is not confined to just sculpture or painting, but goes beyond genre categories and deals with internal issues and problems within the realm of contemporary art. Their investigation touches on topics such as the role of the artist, the rules that determine a staging, the visualization and economy of an art work, the performative aspects that the creative act itself entails.
On occasion of their show in Catania, the works of the two artists reciprocally intersect, in order to create an elsewhere, in which the play between full and empty space is set at the center of representation. The work by Christoph Meier is a light and delicate structure, which occupies the inside of the gallery space and can only act as a container for itself.
The works of Heinrich Dunst help to balance the show, giving weight to the delicate architecture of Meier. The selection of his works consists of a group of artworks located in the only remaining space, that is on the walls of the gallery, collaborating with Meier ́s oeuvre, sometimes in a logical way, other times forgetting their relationship.
The two artists create spatial interventions that go beyond the limit of what one can see and what one can say, the untranslatability of one form into another, in which the void becomes the main protagonist, giving the elements a rhythm. Nothing else is needed, it is the gallery itself that is on show.