Packing the bud/opposing the worm/adjusting the heat/ eluding the wind/escaping the bee


An exhibition dedicated to AGI Verona Collection by Icastica
curated by Rita Selvaggio

Museo Casa Ivan Bruschi
Corso Italia, 14 – Arezzo
27 june – 27 sept 2015


Adel Abdessemed, Carla Accardi, Mario Airò, Carl Andre, Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Giovanni Anselmo, Francesco Arena, Stuart Arends, Stefano Arienti, Charles Avery, James Beckett, Neil Beloufa, David Bernstein, Joseph Beuys, Christian Burnoski, Sophie Calle, Isabelle Cornaro, Mark Dion, Sean Edwards, Haris Epaminonda, Franklin Evans, Lara Favaretto, Christian Flamm, Mario Garcia Torres, Alberto Garutti, Félix González-Torres, Mona Hatoum, Judith Hopf, Anna Hughes, Paolo Icaro, Anish Kapoor, Joseph Kosuth, Francesco Lo Savio, Allan McCollum, Helen Mirra, Jonathan Monk, Adrian Paci, Giulio Paolini, Jorge Peris, Dominique Petitgand, Gerhard Richter, Markus Schinwald, Ettore Spalletti, Jessica Stockholder, Luca Trevisani, Richard Tuttle, Francesco Vezzoli


Like a garden, an art collection entails a series of precise operations and prompts us to reflect on the deep responsibility of flowering and beauty. The idea of garden, as a figurative allegory of ‘collection’, is evoked by the verses of Emily Dickinson, where it is used as a metaphor for a magnification of infinitesimal landscapes that seize the imagination of visitors.

In Ivan Bruschi’s house-museum, the works of the AGI collection start up a conversation between different narratives and set off a chain of cross-references that encodes and decodes the serial system of criteria. The organization of the display arises from the encounter between a boundless passion for antiques and objets d’art and Giorgio Fasol’s alert and inexhaustible process of research. His choices of contemporary art, with all their wealth of experimentation, with their individual universes of meaning and their multifarious means of expression (from painting to sculpture, from photography to installations, video and performance), connect up and intertwine with other times, embarking on an unprecedented dialogue. A collection of contemporary art, always attentive to the support and promotion of younger artist, amongst endless other collections, a continual short-circuit not just between reality and imagination, but also and above all between representation and re-representation. What the collector does, after all, is an ‘ordering’ that uses the other people’s discourses to construct a new reality to be represented.